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Optimizing datamanagement to improve business processes in SMEs – Hjelm & Co show how


Many small and medium-sized companies find themselves challenged by increasing amounts of data. Controlling the data-beast and keeping an oversight takes more and more time and nerves, so that the capacity to focus on value-driving activities decreases. The Malmö-based renovator Hjelm & Co found a way to innovate their datamanagement, which supports the employees in their daily work and allows them to focus exclusively on their projects in kitchens, bathrooms and co. and to deliver first-class customer service.

This video illustrates (in Swedish) how their datamanagement solution from FileMaker has made their business processes more efficient and how easily it has been adopted by the team:

Hjelm & Co – FileMaker

Hjelm & Co, Malmö, som arbetar med totalentreprenader och samordningsprojekt har utrustat sina hantverkare med iPads och iPhones med en skräddarsydd FileMaker-lösning. Med hjälp av detta har de kunnat sammanlänka alla delar i företaget och på så sätt ökat produktiviteten, kortat ledtiderna och förbättrat återrapporteringen till kunderna.

As shown in the video, one of the main advantages of the solution employed by Hjelm & Co is that employees can even access the databases via their iPhones and iPads to for example check the project status or which materials have been used up – IT skills are not needed.

If you have become curious about FileMaker and have started thinking about how the Apple daughter can optimize the processes in your firm, then this video helps you to find the right FileMaker solution and gives you an overview of all products and functionalities:

FileMaker 13 Plattformen – Samtidiga anslutningar

FileMaker WebDirect finns i FileMaker Server 13 och är en banbrytande webbteknologi som låter dig köra dina anpassade företagslösningar direkt i en webbläsare på datorn. Med FileMaker WebDirect behöver ni inte använda utvecklingsmiljöer för PHP, HMTL5, CSS eller JavaScript för att skapa funktionsrika webblösningar.




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